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Fisheries & Wildlife

Kai Environmental can offer the following fisheries related services:

Fish Population Assessments: We can assist you with planning, installing, and operating adult fish weirs, in order to assess escapement populations of adult salmon and steelhead. We can work with you and your partners to design the best population assessment program in order to meet your data needs.

Fish Habitat Assessments: We have experience in conducting stream habitat surveys to document fish habitat and use. We have experience with the U.S. Forest Service tier II assessment method, with the additions that Alaska Department of Fish and Game uses for fish habitat assessments. We can train local field crews to collect data for community based monitoring programs, or we can collect the data for you.

Kai Environmental can offer the following wildlife related services:

Northern Goshawk Acoustical Broadcast Surveys: We have experience conducting acoustical broadcast surveys for Northern Goshawks. This method is approved and used for Tongass National Forest Wildlife Analysis work on U.S. Forest Service lands. We produce Northern Goshawk survey reports which can be supplemental documents to NEPA analyses where Northern Goshawks are considered a sensitive species. We have also conducted Northern Goshawk nest surveys for areas of timber clearing prior to and during the nesting season. 

Winter Range Deer Habitat Surveys: We have experience performing winter range deer habitat surveys, using the U.S. Forest Service methods. These surveys, coupled with the Northern Goshawk surveys meet the requirements for U.S. Forest Service Tongass National Forest Wildlife Analysis field survey work.

Kai Environmental has also sub-contracted with local Southeast Alaska wildlife biologists for field surveys. If your project needs are not listed here, please ask for more details.