Program Capacity Building

Kai Environmental staff have a wide range of experience in program capacity building and management, grant writing, grant management, and program development. We have training in and experience teaching federal grants management for state, local and Tribal governments (OMB Circulars A-103 and A-87). With this experience, we have helped organizations:

  • develop a system for managing federal grants, cooperative agreements and contracts that meets program regulations;
  • develop personnel policy and procedures manuals;
  • develop procurement procedures that meet program regulations;
  • set up internal and external grant reporting procedure for organizations running a diversity of programs;
  • conduct programmatic self-evaluations.

We have experience in grant writing, strategic planning, and organizational needs assessment that can help your organization bring in new and/or diversify programs. We can also host or facilitate meetings and/or workshops with a focus of bringing diverse groups together to meet common needs and goals.